Welcome to the Basel ii Compliance Professionals Association (BCPA)

Dear risk and compliance management professional,

You have committed yourself to a lifetime of learning, growth, and change. You have worked hard for your bank, financial conglomerate or consultancy and you have improved the way you live, by providing independent evidence that you are an expert. You belong to professional associations and you are certified. Or, you are a new risk and compliance management professional and you want to know what is the best path to success in your profession.

We make career growth and development a priority at every stage of your career. We invite you to join our association. Standard Membership is free, and there are many benefits. The Basel ii Compliance Professionals Association (BCPA) is the largest association of Basel ii professionals in the world.

At every stage of your education, training, and career, our association provides information and services you can use.

Visit the Reading Room of our association. Read the monthly newsletter, and stay current. Become a Certified Basel ii / Basel iii Professional. Provide independent evidence that you are an expert. Join us.

Best Regards,

George Lekatis
President of the Basel ii Compliance Professionals Association (BCPA)
1200 G Street NW Suite 800,
Washington DC 20005, USA
Tel: (202) 449-9750
Email: lekatis@basel-ii-association.com
Web: www.basel-ii-association.com
HQ: 1220 N. Market Street Suite 804,
Wilmington DE 19801, USA
Tel: (302) 342-8828

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